Agriculture & Plantations
From The Report: Malaysia 2014
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A major push to boost efficiency in the agriculture and plantations sectors is under way, with the government allocating some RM6bn ($1.8bn) to the sector in its 2014 budget to support a drive for greater productivity, among other strategies. The bulk of agriculture’s contribution to GDP comes from plantation crops, which accounted for 36.5% of the sector’s value in 2012, followed by rubber (8.2%), forestry and logging (11%), poultry (7.3%) vegetables (8%), fishing (14.4%) and fruits (4.1%). The state aims to transform the sector from its small-scale production model into an agribusiness-based sector with more efficient holdings producing more value-added products. Meanwhile, higher-value products will require the implementation of higher-quality standards and well-certified production processes when it comes to ensuring sustainability. In the future, the sector may see its valuable contribution to the country’s economy continue to grow, along with prosperity of rural and urban populations. This chapter contains an interview with Emir Mavani, Group President & CEO, Felda Global Ventures. (FGV).