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From The Report: Misrata 2024
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The city and district of Misrata, Libya’s third-largest urban centre, is situated on the Mediterranean coast roughly 200km east of Tripoli and 800km west of Benghazi. As the single largest port of entry for goods arriving into the country, Misrata is viewed as the trade capital of Libya as well as the country’s business capital, particularly in terms of commodities trading between other cities in the Mediterranean. The engine of Misrata’s economic activity is the seaport in the Misurata Free Zone, which both manages and oversees its operations. Established in 1978, the port is Libya’s largest, handling some 385,000 containers in 2019 alone. The diverse nature of the goods travelling through its facilities – foodstuffs, livestock, and industrial and petrochemical products, among others – is expected to be an important component in Misrata’s economic diversification.

This chapter contains interviews with Mahmoud Al Sougatri, Mayor of Misrata; Hussein Mohamed Altaher Issa, CEO, Aletah Group; and Fathi Amin Al Turki, Chairman, Misrata Chamber of Commerce.