Transport & Logistics
From The Report: Kuwait 2022
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Under its overarching economic development plan, New Kuwait 2035, the government is working to strategically harness the country’s location on the Gulf to transform its transport and logistics industries into key contributors to GDP. Several significant upgrades to existing transport infrastructure are at an advanced stage, while a new logistics belt is a key component of the Madinat Al Hareer, or Silk City, development – New Kuwait 2035’s flagship project. However, progress on a raft of other proposed developments that could, if completed, unlock latent economic potential for the country has stalled in recent years due to both internal and external factors, including political disagreements, complex business procedures and fluctuating international oil prices. Within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of strong infrastructure and logistics became more evident than ever. It brought a renewed determination from Kuwait’s authorities to modernise transport infrastructure to the level required to fully realise its economic diversification plans, and facilitate the movement of people and goods within and across borders. 

This chapter contains an interview with Maen Mahmoud Razouqi, CEO, Kuwait Airways.