From The Report: Kuwait 2016
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Government education spending has grown rapidly in recent years, as the leadership has continued to emphasise the importance of education in creating sustainable employment for Kuwaitis and equipping them with the skills to compete in the global marketplace. Government expenditure on education grew at an average rate of 14.8% in the four years to the 2013/14 fiscal year. Falling oil prices have brought the need for economic diversification back into focus, reinvigorating efforts to develop knowledge-intensive sectors such as high-tech manufacturing and ICT. As such the country’s long-term development plan, Kuwait Vision 2035, places strong emphasis on education as a catalyst to economic diversification, sustainable growth and social progress. Substantial investment from the government is now being coupled with reform tailored to Kuwait’s needs and values. The private sector has a strong presence, educating more than 40% of pupils, and is expanding even more rapidly than the public education system, as demographics and economic growth drive demand.