From The Report: Kenya 2017
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Kenya was the sub-Saharan Africa’s fifth-largest economy in 2015 behind Nigeria, South Africa, Angola and Sudan, ranked 11th in inward foreign direct investment and is one of the few countries in Africa that is not primarily dependent on extractive revenues. This performance is not necessarily surprising given the country’s comparative advantages. The East African market has one of the highest financial inclusion rates in the developing world, and a strong and diversified private sector. Kenya is also seen as a safe haven for assets in the region, with significant inflows from countries such as Somalia and South Sudan a contributing factor to the country’s overall balance sheet. The highlight of 2017 will be the general elections, with hopes for a result that is clear and accepted, and a peaceful transition of power if the incumbent loses. Kenya’s fundamental economic performance continues to be strong, with GDP growth expected to grow by 6%. Key sectors such as tourism continue to rebound, however, important structural reforms are still needed to ensure sustained growth.

This chapter contains interviews with Carole Kariuki, CEO, Kenya Private Sector Alliance; Moses Ikiara, Managing Director, Kenya Investment Authority; and Akinwumi Adesina, President, African Development Bank.