From The Report: Kenya 2017
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Agriculture is Kenya’s largest economic sector, and held its position as a major growth driver in 2015, with ideal weather conditions improving food security and cash crop export earnings. Despite economic uncertainty, the sector has been one of the most resilient in Kenya, with ongoing efforts to improve irrigation and bolster foreign investment, even as stakeholders continue to grapple with limited mechanisation and irrigation, spending cuts and insufficient value-added. Reducing reliance on rain-fed agriculture will be a critical priority for stakeholders as they seek to maintain the sector’s momentum in 2017. Despite domestic policy and labour challenges, Kenyan agriculture remains on track to continue driving national economic growth in 2017. Although production remains dependent on weather conditions, long-term strategies aimed at bolstering mechanisation and reducing rain-fed production should see the sector remain a growth driver for several years.

This chapter contains an interview with Peter Kimanga, Director, Gold Crown Beverages.