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From The Report: Kenya 2016
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Kenya has a young and growing population, which has the potential to transform the country’s economic fortunes. To achieve this transformation the government will have to improve the quality and relevance of the skills young people possess. The country’s basic indicators have been moving in the right direction and compare well with the region. The state of health care in Kenya presents both challenges and opportunities. The public health system has grappled with underfunding and low staffing ratios, but there is hope that the ongoing devolution of services will improve the equitable delivery of quality health care, alongside the roll out of more private sector services. The government has committed KSh38bn ($418m) to the sector under the Healthcare Transformation Programme as part of its wider Vision 2030 plan.

This chapter contains an interview with Noah O Midamba, Vice-Chancellor and CEO, KCA University; and Professor of Defence and Foreign Policy.