From The Report: Indonesia 2020
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Indonesia encompasses more than 17,000 islands, spread out over thousands of kilometres between the Indian and Pacific oceans. With the world’s largest tropical coastline, Indonesia has become a leading tourism destination in South-east Asia; the country’s cultural and natural diversity also offer significant untapped potential. Although the country has seen expansion in tourism in recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic that broke out in early 2020 has dampened prospects in the short run. Even so, President Joko Widodo, better known as President Jokowi, has identified tourism as a strategic sector through which to boost foreign exchange reserves. The sector is also set to provide a training and employment platform for a youthful workforce – a factor that could drive growth in both the sector and broader economy in the medium term. This chapter contains an interview with Abdulbar Mansoer, President Director, Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation.