From The Report: Indonesia 2017
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In spite of a raft of strategic development plans laying out a path towards a more diversified, modern economy with greater contributions from high-value-added industries, agriculture remains a fundamental sector for the country in both financial and social terms. Indonesia’s expansive territory and favourable soil and climate have given rise to a host of homegrown agro-industrial giants as well as drawing the attention of some of the world’s largest international food processors. Valued at Rp1560trn ($113.9bn), the agriculture sector comprised 13.5% of Indonesia’s GDP in 2015, according to data from the Bank of Indonesia. Led by the palm oil segment, plantation crops accounted for the greatest percentage of this figure in 2015, being valued at Rp411.9trn ($30.1bn), and followed closely by food crops at Rp393.4trn ($28.7bn).

This chapter contains an interview with Arif Rachmat, CEO, Triputra Agro Persada.