Capital Markets
From The Report: Indonesia 2015
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The number of listed companies on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) increased by 50% in the decade to 2014, and market capitalisation was up five-fold in that period. In terms of the exchange’s performance, the index has risen far more than those of its regional peers and international benchmarks. Still, the capital markets are in need further development. For the nation to grow as it hopes and plans, the IMF and others have said that it must endeavour to create markets that are larger and more sophisticated. If the capital markets continue to improve and evolve, and if the authorities are able to get more firms listed and increase the number of shareholders, volatility and risk can be greatly reduced and the markets can play a more significant role in the transformation of the economy.

This chapter contains interviews with Muliaman D Hadad, Chairman, Financial Services Authority; and Michael Steven, President-Director, Kresna Securities.