Health & Education
From The Report: Indonesia 2013
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With the country gearing up for the start of a universal health care coverage scheme, Indonesia has made great progress in addressing many of the historical issues concerning its public health sector. Major new developments in state and private health care are taking shape, with a number of new hospitals under construction and the prospect of a more open market for foreign health professionals also being discussed. Several challenges remain, however, if the sector is to be reformed in a speedy and effective manner. Education represents an opportunity and a challenge for educators, policymakers and investors alike, with the sector going through an overhaul and expansion. Indeed, major programmes of new school and college construction, new teaching requirements and a new outlook, aimed at bringing academia and business closer together, my transform the landscape over the next few years. There is a role for the private sector and for high-quality foreign education outfits. With an expanding population of 245m, future demand is also set to keep increasing.
This chapter contains interviews with Dr Grace Frelita, Vice-Chairman, Strategic Health Care Committee, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and Nancy Soemawinata, Managing Director, Putera Sampoerna Foundation.