From The Report: Ghana 2020
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Ghana has the second-highest data penetration rate in sub-Saharan Africa, the fastest-growing mobile money market on the continent and a burgeoning tech start-up scene. ICT therefore represents one of the most dynamic areas of its economy. Recognising the sector’s potential, the government has stepped up efforts to stimulate market activity and pave the way for the rollout of 4G and 5G technology. Nevertheless, taxes and spectrum costs have dampened growth and emerging tech firms continue to struggle for financing. The rapid expansion of mobile data penetration and mobile money platforms has had a transformative effect on the economy, boosting financial inclusion and providing companies with new avenues to develop and market their products. These platforms have also opened up new opportunities for start-ups. This chapter also contains a roundtable with Daniel Asare Kyei, CEO, Esoko; Curtis Vanderpuije, CEO, ExpressPay; Daniel Marfo, General Manager, Zipline Ghana.