Health & Education
From The Report: Ghana 2018
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Facing a growing population and an urban middle class underserved by health care providers, the government has made considerable strides in a number of important areas, including the expansion of primary care coverage. Expanded infrastructure, increased numbers of health care professionals, and a renewed emphasis on sanitation and prevention should help improve health indicators. Furthermore, economic development is increasing demand for health care services, from both public and private providers. With a young and growing population, an expanding job market in a dynamic economy, and funding and support from a range of sources, the education sector is witnessing rapid growth. The system features a mix of public and private institutions, and the past decade has established a solid base of schooling for the vast majority of citizens.

This chapter contains interviews with Dr Elikem Tamaklo, Managing Director, Nyaho Medical Centre; and Amardeep Singh Hari, CEO, IPMC.