Construction & Real Estate
From The Report: Ghana 2016
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Growing year-on-year as a contributor to the economy, Ghana’s construction sector is increasingly dynamic and led by private sector participants. While parts of the real estate market have slowed in recent years, demand for low-cost housing remains as strong as ever. Government investment is a major driver of growth, with a substantial pipeline of projects in transport infrastructure in particular expected to be rolled out in the coming years, often using public-private partnership models. Construction activity contributed $3.8bn to GDP in 2014 at current prices, according to the Ghana Statistical Service. This was equal to 12.7% of GDP and up 26.9% from $2.9bn in 2013. The sector has grown strongly over the past decade, up from $280.3m in 2006, and has become of increasing importance to the broader economy, more than doubling as a contributor to GDP from 5.7% in 2006.