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From The Report: Ghana 2013
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A strong tradition of press freedom across all segments characterises the Ghanaian media sector. However, few providers have a truly national reach, with most focusing on a small market or a share of the largest cities. Radio remains a key outlet; its ability to reach rural regions makes it attractive, and it is a sought-after feature for mobile phone buyers. With Ghana reaching mobile penetration of 100%, media content that is easily consumable on mobile handsets will be increasingly important. New sources of advertising revenue have developed in the past three years as the number of international and domestic advertising agencies operating in Ghana has increased. Billboards remain the preferred advertising method for certain sectors, in particular telecoms, consumer goods and public awareness campaigns. The six telecoms companies account for roughly 30% of advertisements that appear on the nation’s most popular radio and television stations. While traditional forms of advertising will continue to be important, a number of new marketing channels are expected grow in relevance over the next few years.