From The Report: Gabon 2015
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With improvements to the road, rail, shipping and aviation networks a key goal, Gabon’s transport sector is undergoing a major transformation. While population pressure is modest, existing links are limited: the two largest cities, Libreville and Port-Gentil, had, until work began on one recently, no road connection. Beyond improving internal connectivity and expanding capacity at international gateways such as the Port of Owendo and Libreville’s airport, the projects are also part of the Emerging Gabon Strategic Plan, which aims to boost activity in the industrial and services sectors. The government’s focus will bring increasing opportunities for private sector involvement, in part due to budgetary constraints following the drop in oil prices.

This chapter includes interviews with Rigobert Ikambouayat Ndeka, Managing Director, Office of Ports and Harbours of Gabon (OPRAG); and Patrick Claes, Managing Director, Setrag.