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From The Report: Gabon 2013
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Rising incomes and improvements in providing access to internet platforms are having a positive impact on Gabon’s overall media environment. Print remains the dominant media force and more targeted titles might help bring more dynamism to the newspaper segment. Radio remains Gabon’s most universal medium and is especially relevant for the rural areas, which have widely dispersed populations. Online ventures are gaining more ground, but their rapid expansion remains restricted by limited access to internet connections and advertisers’ reluctance to embrace the internet as an efficient communications platform.

As the range of media outlets continues to diversify both in terms of form and content, Gabon’s advertising sector is seeing steady growth. Online news platforms are attracting a steady flow of regular visitors and are increasingly able to monetise this, however, overall investment in internet advertising remains weak. Traditional media, such as press, television, radio and outdoors advertising spaces, will continue to drive the sector.