Written on Sep 25, 2023 by Erick Pablo Focus Report

This Economic Impact Report presents a comprehensive analysis of Thailand’s tobacco industry, shedding light on its wide-reaching value chain and contribution to the national economy. Notably, the industry directly or indirectly supports some 50,000 households, and contributed BT59.8bn to government revenue in 2022 through excise taxes, equivalent to some 12% of the country’s total excise revenue.

The report explores the potential implications of a proposed full ban on tobacco additives, offering key insights into the economic risks faced by tobacco growers, the possibility of illicit trade and the potential reduction in government revenue. The publication includes case studies of bans on flavours, including menthol, and other additives in the Americas and Europe.

Designed to equip readers with insight on potential regulatory measures, OBG’s latest report explores the balance between socio-economic considerations, consumer choice and public health interests – outlining a path towards sustainable growth for Thailand’s tobacco industry. The publication may have considerable appeal for subscribers with an interest in the socio-economic impact of agriculture in emerging markets, as well as public sector officials in Thailand and beyond.