Health & Education
From The Report: Egypt 2020
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Both the health and education sectors are in the process of significant reform. A universal health insurance (UHI) plan is currently being implemented, which promises widespread change to the nation’s administration of care. Although Covid-19 has placed a considerable strain on health infrastructure, the pandemic provides Egypt with an opportunity to streamline reforms and strengthen weak spots in the system. The rollout of the UHI scheme, alongside the growth of the local pharmaceuticals industry, should also help to attract investment. Meanwhile, for the next decade, the Ministry of Education is focused on implementing a major reform programme known as Education 2.0. The initiative plans to overhaul K-12 schooling by introducing student-centred teaching and competency-based learning, with a strong focus on technology. Although the country’s schools still face challenges of overcrowding and poor-quality infrastructure, the authorities’ increasing openness to international and private investment should ensure that the outlook remains bright.