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From The Report: Egypt 2017
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Egypt is the third-most-populous country in Africa and the 15th worldwide, according to World Bank figures. As of 2017 the number of residents was estimated to have reached 92m. Arabic is the official language and the only one widely understood across the entire country. Over the last 15 years, Egypt has been undergoing a transformation into a market-oriented economy. The country currently maintains a lower-middle-income status. While there is substantial potential to push the country towards middle-income status, GDP growth rates were stalled – first by the global economic crisis and then by political instability. Nevertheless, the economy grew at a rate of nearly 4% in FY 2014/15 and FY 2015/16. Egypt is a presidential republic. The current president is Abdel Fattah El Sisi, who was elected to his first four-year term in May 2014, following the removal of the previous administration of Mohamed Morsi.

This chapter contains interviews with President Abdel Fattah El Sisi; and Akinwumi Adesina, President, African Development Bank.