From The Report: Egypt 2016
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In the years since the 2011 revolution, the industrial sector has been put at the forefront of government plans for economic growth. New industrial zones, substantive training programmes and development plans along the Suez Canal corridor have all been committed to paper as part of a strategy to boost the manufacturing sector’s contribution to economic output over the next decade. The proposals and initiatives are of considerable value, particularly given that Egypt’s industries have had to face headwinds over the past few years, both globally and domestically. In the shorter term, industrial growth is likely to be constrained by electricity and dollar shortages, but the government is working to address these issues and conditions should ease over the medium term. This would clear the way for more robust industrial expansion, as the growing population and rising incomes ensure that demand in segments from building materials to FMCGs remains strong. This will, in turn, result in significant opportunities for growth over the next decade.

 This chapter contains interviews with Ahmed Abou Hashima, Chairman and CEO, Egyptian Steel; and Hani Berzi, Chairman, Edita Food Industries.