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From The Report: Egypt 2013
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The Egyptian media scene continues to undergo rapid change in the two years since the start of the revolution. The media has become much more diverse, and a number of new outlets have opened across all genres. The largest media organisation in the country is the Egyptian Radio and Television Union, which has a staff of over 40,000 people and runs nine television channels and six regional television stations. Egypt’s media is likely to continue to witness rapid change, with new outlets continuing to open but perhaps not nearly as many surviving. New media and the rise of smartphones are likely to stimulate competition, but over the near term content does not look set to shift focus noticeably.

A large media market in its own right, the Egyptian advertising industry is bouncing back from the events of 2011 and 2013. The country’s media has experienced a flowering as some restrictions on freedom of expression have loosened considerably, and several new media outlets, both broadcast and print, have been launched, winning market share across the Arab world. Television will continue to dominate the spending, but other media, particularly radio and outdoor ads, could see strong growth. The sector looks set to see further recovery in 2013, and the rapidly changing media environment is likely to bring forward as many opportunities as challenges.