Energy & Utilities
From The Report: Djibouti 2023
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As Djibouti’s demand for energy grows, the country is undergoing a transition towards renewables given its lack of domestic hydrocarbons reserves, while also aiming to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable development more broadly. Various projects are underway to strengthen electricity links with neighbouring countries such as Ethiopia, fostering regional cooperation. Djibouti is also working to reduce its dependence on imported power by investing in domestic production and diversifying its energy mix. The government has ambitious plans to become the first country in Africa to fulfil 100% of its electricity demand from clean energy sources while also extending the power grid to reach 100% of the population.

This chapter contains interviews with Dabar Adaweh Ladieh, Director-General, International Hydrocarbons Company of Djibouti; and Yonis Ali Guedi, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources.