From The Report: Cote d'Ivoire 2018
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Greater involvement from private energy companies, especially on the production side, has led to increases in electricity production capacity, which reached 2020 MW in 2017. While gas-fuelled thermal power plants accounted for 80% of production that year, plans to boost hydropower capacity, and upcoming biomass and solar power projects, will be critical to diversifying the energy mix and meeting future demand. Although increasing electricity production capacity is a key part of the government’s energy policy, it also emphasises a continued rise in hydrocarbons output, with the authorities announcing in July 2016 that the goal is to double crude oil and natural gas production by 2020.

This chapter contains interviews with Thierry Tanoh, Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable Energy Development; and Amidou Traoré, Director-General, CI-Energies.