From The Report: Colombia 2019
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The ICT sector is one of the most promising sectors in Colombia with high demand for telecommunications services, and an emphasis on innovation in commerce and industry. However, financial challenges, such as changes in interest rates, also significantly impact the growth of ICT due to the long-term nature of investments in the sector. Similarly, companies can struggle to access financing to offer new products and attract a greater share of the competitive market. This is influenced by pressures both within the country’s active start-up scene and from the development of new technologies across the world. Although it is expected that companies will be able to keep up, the key to ensuring penetration rates continue to increase will be designing products that meet consumer demands and anticipate upcoming trends. This chapter contains a roundtable with Ignacio Roman Vila, President, Avantel; Fabián Hernández, President, Telefónica Movistar Colombia; and Marcelo Cataldo, President, TigoUNE.