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From The Report: Colombia 2014
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Colombia’s telecommunications market is going through intense growth as operators strive to enhance their offers in a growing array of services. The sector achieved revenues of $13.9bn in 2012, compared to $2.6bn in 2000, according to figures by the OECD. Much of this dynamism has come from the introduction of 4G services, for which five operators won licences in the 2013 government auction, and several companies have already started commercialisation of new 4G offers. Meanwhile, increasing convergence of telecommunications services is prompting the rise of triple play. While América Movil’s Claro continues to dominate the market, growing numbers of mobile internet users are creating demand for new products and services, and adding on to investment opportunities for telecommunications operators, equipment providers and content developers. This chapter contains an interview with Alberto Samuel Yohai, President, Colombian Chamber of Informatics and Telecommunications; and a viewpoint with Mariana Garcés Córdoba, Minister of Culture.