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From The Report: Colombia 2014
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In just a decade, advances in the fight against insurgent groups, coupled with long-term policies that have generated confidence among investors, have radically changed the way the world looks at Colombia. On the political front, the government of President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón has maintained a dialogue over the past 18 months with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, with hopes of achieving peace after half a century of internal conflict. The possibility of a peace agreement has the potential to redefine not only the political climate in Colombia but also the economy – important for a country that still faces significant challenges. High crime rates in major cities, coverage gaps in education and health, and a high inequality coefficient are some of the issues the government will work to tackle in the next four years. This chapter contains interviews with Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, President of Colombia; Maria Ángela Holguín, Minister of Foreign Affairs; and Hasan Tuluy, World Bank Regional Vice-President for Latin America and the Caribbean.