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From The Report: Colombia 2013
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A new era of confidence is sweeping Colombia after a history marked by instability, social inequality and counter-insurgency efforts against guerrilla movements. Steady economic progress and increased security have renewed confidence in Colombia, which has sought to further integrate its economy regionally as well as globally through free trade agreements and membership in regional blocs. With foreign and domestic investments beginning to have tangible effects on the economy, the current administration has sought to reduce social inequality with some success. As the 2014 national elections approach, much will depend on the current negotiations with the FARC, which have so far made important concessions to promote dialogue with the government.
This chapter contains interviews with President Juan Manuel Santos; María Ángela Holguín Cuéllar, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Juan Carlos Pinzón, Minister of Defence; and a viewpoint from José Manuel García-Margallo, Spanish Foreign Minister.