From The Report: Brunei Darussalam 2016
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As Brunei Darussalam prepares to diversify its economy away from oil and gas, it is looking toward other sectors to contribute further to GDP. The transport industry has thus found itself in the spotlight, with expectations of the sector’s economic and strategic potential running high. The extent to which the various transport- and logistics-related initiatives are successful remains to be seen; however, the government appears to be taking the challenge of transforming the sector into a regional powerhouse seriously. Foreign investors and the private sector are also beginning to recognize that transport and logistics are now ripe for investment. If all goes according to plan, mega-projects like Temburong Bridge – which will connect Brunei Darussalam’s western and eastern halves – could catalyze greater economic efficiency for the entire Sultanate. This chapter contains an interview with Dermot Mannion, Former Deputy Chairman, Royal Brunei Airlines.