From The Report: Brunei Darussalam 2013
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The banking sector has performed well historically, with a 70% increase in assets over 12 years. From 2007 to June 2012 total commercial banking assets in the Sultanate grew 30.5% to BN$20.1bn ($15.7bn). The sector is currently facing a period of re-adjustment, absorbing the implications of a more mature regulatory environment and looking at ways to support the government’s development plans. In a moderately sized market with limitations on the opportunities to boost loan growth in place, the challenges for commercial banks remain substantial. Nonetheless, most of the players remain bullish, devising new strategies and products to capture a greater share of the retail and corporate segments of the market.

This chapter contains interviews with Dato Haji Mohs Rosli, Managing Director, Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam; and Pierre Imhof, CEO, Baiduri Bank.