From The Report: Bahrain 2023
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With Bahrain’s 780-sq-km landmass stretching across 33 islands, efficient transport connectivity between the country’s four main islands – Bahrain Island, Al Muharraq Island, Sitra Island and Umm Al Nasan Island – is integral to economic development. National strategy has focused on establishing Bahrain as an international tourism destination and logistics centre. That drive has resulted in significant government investment in general and commercial transport infrastructure, with a new port, a high-capacity causeway connecting Bahrain with Saudi Arabia and a new airport all launched over the last 15 years. The positive socio-economic impact of those projects has encouraged additional enhancements, with stronger multi-modal linkages with the broader Gulf region a central goal of the next wave of strategic developments.

This chapter contains interviews with Mohamed bin Thamer Al Kaabi, Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, and Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah, CEO, Bahrain Airport Company.