Health & Education
From The Report: Bahrain 2023
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Bahrain was the first Gulf country to establish government-sponsored education in 1919 and it continues to invest in strengthening its education system. With Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 – the country’s national economic diversification blueprint – and the Bahrain National Higher Education Strategy 2014-24 guiding the kingdom’s schooling strategy, Bahrain is expanding its public education infrastructure, and backing technical and vocational education and training programmes to upskill its workforce for the future. In the health care space, Bahrain has a long life expectancy and its disease burden is mostly related to non-communicable diseases, a trend common among wealthier countries. With continued investment in both public and private health care, the kingdom continues to improve its health service delivery.

This chapter contains interviews with Dr Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Chairman, Supreme Council of Health and Ghassan Fouad Aouad, Former President, Applied Science University