Energy & Utilities
From The Report: Bahrain 2023
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Bahrain, known as the birthplace of the Arabian Peninsula’s oil industry, is navigating the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition. While focusing on renewables production, energy efficiency and sustainability, the kingdom is also leveraging its remaining hydrocarbons resources. The country has made promising hydrocarbons discoveries that indicate the potential for further expansion in the sector. The industry is receiving a boost from downstream developments, including the modernisation of the Sitra refinery, located south of the capital Manama. Bahrain’s utilities segment is driving demand for new infrastructure and investment due in part to renewable energy and efficiency strategies. The government is restructuring its oil and gas holding company, Bapco Energies. This endeavour entails the potential spin-off of significant assets in transport, logistics and infrastructure in the coming years.

This chapter contains an interview with Mark Thomas, Group CEO, Bapco Energies.