From The Report: Bahrain 2018
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Targeting improvements in domestic infrastructure as well as expanding the links between the kingdom, the rest of the Gulf region and further afield, Bahrain is investing heavily in its transport networks. Among the major ongoing developments is the Airport Modernisation Programme, launched in 2015 to cater for rising air traffic, with the aim of turning Bahrain International Airport into one of the key regional hubs for tourism and services. Plans to construct a second causeway linking Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are also on the agenda, while the ambitious Gulf Railway, a network that would run through all six Gulf nations, has been pushed back and is now likely to move forward in 2021. Proposals to create a light rail system in Bahrain are also in the works, albeit slowly, while roads and bridges are under construction.

This chapter contains an interview with Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah, CEO, Bahrain Airport Company.