From The Report: Indonesia 2012
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Large conglomerates, often with ties to politics, dominate the media sector. Still, offerings have expanded in recent years to feed a population hungry for content, and Indonesians now have 10 free-to-air channels as well as a wide variety of pay-TV options. In 2010, advertising expenditure grew by 23% year-on-year to nearly $7.2bn, the sharpest rise since 2006. TV garnered most of this spending – 61.8% d – while newspapers took home 34.7% and magazines and tabloids accounted for a more 3.6%. Telecoms continue to be the main advertisers, along with politicians and local government, and consumer goods like tobacco. Looking down the road, Indonesia should see growth in the media and advertising sector when its pay-TV penetration – currently 3% – eventually expands.