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From The Report: Algeria 2012
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Since the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector in 2000, Algeria has become one of the highest teledensity markets on the continent. With a mobile penetration rate nearing 100% and a fixed-line segment at 8% and growing, the sector is on a steady rise with numerous growth opportunities. The mobile market accounts for most of the growth, with a turnover of AD222bn (€2.13bn) in 2010. The success of the mobile telephony industry gave the sector its largest revenue share yet, growing 17% from €3.75bn in 2010 to €4.4bn in 2011. Indeed, as the total mobile penetration rate approaches 100% and demand for both fixed and mobile services continues to rise, the telecommunications sector is poised to experience significant expansion in the coming years. But despite its considerable population size, internet usage in Algeria remains low. However, growth indicators are encouraging, as subscribers grew to 1m in 2012 from 900,000 in 2010. Given the significant room for expansion, a sense of cooperation, rather than competition, prevails among industry players in the sector.

This chapter contains an interview with Nasser Marafih, CEO, Qtel.