From The Report: Algeria 2012
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Under the previous and current five-year plans of 2005-09 and 2010-14, a major government objective has been the modernisation and expansion of Algeria’s transport networks. With some €229bn having been allocated to the development of railways, airports, public transport, roadways and ports, major public works projects are under way to facilitate mobility, reduce congestion and encourage the use of more environmentally friendly transport. The country has seen a sizeable expansion of air transit in recent years, in both the passenger and cargo segments. In terms of the rail segment, some 2000 km of projects are now under way, while studies are looking at another 5000 km of potential rail links. As these projects take shape, international firms will play a key role in the development and management of transport systems.

This chapter contains an interview with Jean-Marc Janaillac, Chairman of the Management Board, RATP Dev.