From The Report: Algeria 2012
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Algeria is looking to develop its tourism sector as it aims to ease dependence on hydrocarbons revenues by pursuing more sustainable sources of growth, capitalising on attractions such as its extensive desert and a coastline that stretches more than 1200 km. The National Tourism Development Plan is targeting an increase in sector revenues, from the current annual average of €344m to €480m by 2015. Tourism is also being developed as a year-round business to evolve around five niches: Saharan, business, seaside, cultural and wellness. Almost 1.5m tourists visited Algeria during the first half of 2012, and a total of 3m are expected by the end of the year. With the rise in foreign visitor numbers and increased investment in hospitality, the country seems to be on track to deliver an attractive and competitive sector.

This chapter contains interviews with Mohamed Benmeradi, Minister of Tourism; and Karim Cherif, President, National Federation of Algerian Hôteliers, and Managing Director, Eden Hotels.