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The energy sector is the backbone of Kuwait’s economy, accounting for 90% of both exports and government revenue. Major projects led by state-owned companies responsible for the extraction, processing and marketing of oil and gas also drive the non-oil economy by supporting tens of thousands of jobs in engineering, construction and support services. Despite the fall in oil prices, progress on these projects and investment in new technology continues. With self-imposed production cuts coming to an end, the strategic intent is to transform Kuwait from a country that primarily pumps and exports crude oil, to one with an integrated energy industry. Goals include optimising oil extraction, realising the full potential of domestic natural gas fields and doubling refining capacity to produce cleaner fuels and increased volumes of feedstock for a more diversified downstream sector. This chapter contains an interview with Nouf Al Abdul Razzaq, General Manager, BP Kuwait.
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Sketch of Nouf Al Abdul Razzaq, General Manager, BP Kuwait
Nouf Al Abdul Razzaq, General Manager, BP Kuwait: Interview