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Despite the economic challenges facing the country, 2017 was a positive year for the Egyptian Exchange (EGX), with the main index expanding by approximately 17%. The EGX remains an important component of the economy and thanks to an ongoing process of market development is likely to continue to act as a useful platform for both corporates and small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to raise capital. The ability of the EGX to attract new listings and investors is linked to the wider question of Egypt’s macroeconomic performance. A potential commodities exchange would represent a key structural advance, although a number of important questions regarding its implementation remain to be answered.

This chapter contains interviews with Mohamed Farid Saleh, Chairman, Egyptian Stock Exchange; and Hussein Choucri, Chairman and Managing Director, HC Securities & Investment. The chapter also contains share analyses & data provided by HC Securities & Investment.

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Sketch of Mohamed Farid Saleh, Chairman, Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX)
Mohamed Farid Saleh, Chairman, Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX): Interview