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Despite considerable geopolitical volatility, Thailand’s economy remains well diversified, stable and poised for expansion in 2017.

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Thailand’s Ministry of Energy has announced plans to expand the role of renewables and coal in the domestic power mix, in addition to increasing opportunities for small-scale electricity producers.

With the Asia-Pacific region set to be the fastest-growing market for commercial aviation over the next 20 years, Thailand is seeking to strengthen its aviation infrastructure, and particularly its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) segment.

What are the main strategies for growth in the luxury tourism segment? 

Thailand has taken a step towards formalising its digital asset trade, introducing new rules governing cryptocurrencies that could boost confidence in the market and address concerns over investor security.

Rising prices and dwindling land banks, combined with improved transport connectivity, are changing the shape of Bangkok’s condominium market as new projects move away from the city’s centre; however, oversupply in some areas could continue to weigh on sales.

How would you assess the importance of sustainability and what is SET doing to support its listed firms in improving their performance?