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As the government continues its expansive reform agenda with Vision 2025, Sri Lanka’s economy is expected to record moderate improvements in 2018.

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Political tensions in the latter part of 2018 slowed the momentum of Sri Lanka’s economy, weakening gains made earlier in the year. Nevertheless, political stabilisation and advances in the export and tourism sectors are expected to drive robust growth over the coming year.

What obstacles must be overcome for Asia to meet its long-term energy needs through renewables?

A rebranded Sri Lankan tourism industry is looking to increase visitor footfall through multi-pronged marketing efforts, while seeking to shake off concerns over recent political developments.

How do you see the newly formed Infrastructure Asia dovetailing with transnational initiatives like the Belt and Road?

Infrastructure investment and more diversified freight-handling services are expected to help Sri Lanka move towards its goal of becoming a major logistics hub, even as the country faces significant competition from within the region.

How can Sri Lanka reverse the trend of sluggish consumption in the short to medium term?