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Sri Lanka’s progress with free trade agreements, finance reforms, and growth strategies for manufacturing and ICT should encourage increased foreign direct investment. Sri Lanka was named the top travel destination for 2019, and the government’s 2025 development strategy aims to increase public-private partnerships, nurture innovation and increase investment in special economic zones.

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As part of efforts to stimulate the economy, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has taken the unprecedented step of ordering lenders to reduce their interest rates.

What advantages does Singapore offer tech companies seeking a springboard into ASEAN?  

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) has sought to stimulate a rebound in the economy by cutting domestic interest rates, following a slowdown linked to the Easter terrorist attacks.

Sri Lanka is set to break ground on the first stage of the Colombo Light Rail Transit (LRT) project, a major development designed to ease congestion and improve connectivity in the capital.


In September 2017 the Sri Lankan government launched an ambitious development plan, Vision 2025. The eight-year strategy aims to turn the country into an upper-middle-income one “by transforming Sri Lanka into the hub of the Indian Ocean, with a knowledge-based, highly competitive, social market economy”. While the government and the country...


How will volatility in the domestic market impact short-term foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, and how will the BOI mitigate risk?