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What role do you envision for local and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to play in the development of the national economy?


How are the strategies in place promoting Qatar’s long-term economic diversification?


What role will industrial zones and logistics parks play in raising Qatar’s profile as a preferred investment destination in the region?


How is the international relations strategy evolving to strengthen commercial ties with potential markets, and what are the related opportunities?


Since gaining independence in 1971 Qatar has quickly risen to prominence both regionally and internationally to become an economic, political and cultural powerhouse in the Middle East. With a relatively small local population and substantial revenues generated from having the third-largest proven natural gas reserves globally, Qatar has one...


The rapid pace of technological evolution has seen the applications of the internet grow exponentially. Originating as a specialised military technology, digital connectivity has now become a part of the social and economic infrastructure in nearly all world economies. This widespread use of technology is bringing about the Fourth Industrial...