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Home to an array of local and international schools and curricula, as well as a burgeoning university scene, Qatar hosts numerous branches of foreign tertiary education institutions, many of which are in partnership with Qatar Foundation.


How are Qatari universities approaching partnerships with international institutions?


Qatar’s tourism sector is gearing up for expansion in anticipation of a major influx of tourists for the six-week 2022 FIFA World Cup. The event is expected to attract close to the 1m visitors that travelled to Brazil for the most recent World Cup in 2014. In the build-up to the tournament, investment is being channelled into the development...


Improving education forms part of the first pillar of Qatar National Vision 2030, the country’s long-term development plan aimed at reducing dependency on hydrocarbons and creating a diversified economy driven by services. This targeted development is seeing new tertiary developments opening in Qatar; for example, the Scotland-based University...


How can digital information and the QNL contribute to the advancement of knowledge?