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2017 proved a turbulent year for Qatar, dominated by the diplomatic rift that emerged between the country and several other regional states in June 2017. However, Qatar has adapted quickly, with many in the local business community confident about the future.

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Strong gains by the non-oil and gas sector underpinned solid growth in Qatar’s economy in 2018, laying the foundations for further expansion as the country works to mitigate the fallout from the regional blockade and step up efforts to diversify its economy.

Increasing efforts to diversify its economy and realign its trade relationships, Qatar is building new links and expanding ties with existing partners.

Qatar is ramping up efforts to increase foreign investment and incentivise activity in a range of different industries, unveiling plans to launch two new free trade zones.

Qatar has taken an early lead in the roll out of 5G mobile services, with the country’s two operators, Ooredoo and Vodafone Qatar, both launching their next generation networks in recent months.

With liquidity levels strong and earnings solid, international ratings agencies and the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) have expressed confidence in the financial stability of the country’s banks, though external pressures remain.

Moves to expand promotional activities in India, China and Russia, coupled with the easing of visa requirements, have helped to diversify Qatar’s tourism industry, helping to offset a fall in arrivals from neighbouring states.