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Although Myanmar has been faced with internal conflict, a new long-term economic agenda, alongside rising oil and gas prices and considerable growth in some manufacturing segments, are set to encourage increased foreign direct investment inflows into the country.

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How are bilateral trade relations between India and Myanmar being broadened? 

Toyota is developing an assembly plant in Myanmar, signalling strong growth prospects in the local market as the country looks to expand its manufacturing output.

How do you assess the framework in place to facilitate the continuation of the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) during 2019?

What advantages does Singapore offer tech companies seeking a springboard into ASEAN?  

Myanmar is looking to capitalise on a recent tourism rebound and stimulate more investment in the sector, following efforts to improve access to credit for smaller operators.

The latest step in the liberalisation of Myanmar’s financial services sector has seen the Ministry of Planning and Finance give five foreign insurance providers the provisional right to launch wholly owned life insurance businesses in the country.