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Despite high levels of government debt and the costs associated with hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees, Jordan’s economy has continued to demonstrate remarkable resilience in the face of ongoing regional instability. A raft of far-reaching reforms introduced in 2016, along with newly brokered international agreements, should help the kingdom continue along its slow but steady growth path in the years ahead. 

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Expected revisions to Jordan’s tax code seek to tackle avoidance and reduce the basket of goods covered by subsidies – measures aimed at cutting the budget deficit.

What steps have been taken to establish the first credit bureau in Jordan, and what are your plans to reach full operation?

A national drive to boost support for Jordan’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is gaining pace, spearheaded by increased access to finance and plans to garner a more business-friendly operating environment.

Jordan has taken steps to increase its international trade flows by re-establishing links with traditional partners and expanding connections with new markets.

An overhaul of Jordan’s airport infrastructure, coupled with an increase in flights, could provide a welcome boost to the country’s tourism sector.

The Jordanian government is looking to reduce its debt burden and jumpstart the economy through a combination of budgetary adjustments, a new medium-term economic strategy and international aid agreements.