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Chapter | Energy & Mineral Resources from The Report: Indonesia 2019

Replacing diminishing reserves and guaranteeing domestic energy security are two of Indonesia’s policy priorities. As such, oil and gas exploration and development are key areas in which the government is eager to progress. To encourage this, policymakers have adopted a series of reforms aimed at ushering in a new wave of foreign investment in the sector. Similarly, in a bid to offset...

The Indonesian economy had a strong year in 2018, with growth of 5.2% marking the fastest pace in half a decade. This came on the back of robust domestic consumption, increased foreign investment and continuing efforts to reform policy and simplify investment procedures, and despite challenges including a falling rupiah, a trade imbalance and global political issues.

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Indonesia is stepping up efforts to increase gas production, both to consolidate its position as a leading exporter and to meet rising domestic demand.

After passenger numbers dropped off sharply in the opening months of the year, Indonesia’s government has moved to rein in rising air travel costs by lowering ticket prices and increasing local production of jet fuel.


While Indonesia’s lawmakers have promised to safeguard the country’s lucrative oil and natural gas assets, there are concerns that recent examples of resource nationalisation may deter future investment, and President Joko Widodo has largely carried forward the resource nationalism agenda championed by his predecessor, President Susilo Bambang...


Substantial mineral reserves have put Indonesia on the brink of a new wave of development. Nevertheless, investors still need to contend with a legacy of regulatory uncertainty and a growing trend of resource nationalisation. While policymakers have made efforts to adjust the regulatory regime, exploration hurdles remain in the form of...


How can renewable energy companies participate in the diversification of energy production?


How have recent legislative changes affected Indonesia’s mining sector?