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Ghana continues to be one of the most stable countries in sub-Saharan Africa and has developed substantially over the years. Now one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, the country is starting to move away from traditional resource dependency. However, it faces the challenge of ensuring the widest benefit from that expansion, given its growing and increasingly urbanised population.

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Ghana is set to expand its research, development and innovation potential after US tech giant Google launched a dedicated artificial intelligence (AI) centre in Accra, the company’s first in Africa.

How would you evaluate the pursuit of a cash-light society?

Ghana is turning to renewables as a way to expand its electricity capacity and diversify the energy mix, with the private sector flagged to take the lead in a major project rollout.

What role does mobile money play in initial public offerings (IPOs) in Ghana?

Newly formed public-private partnerships (PPPs) are expected to help Ghana narrow its affordable housing deficit, in turn helping to build a stronger private asset basis in the economy.


Against a backdrop of increasingly severe and financially straining climate events and natural disasters, technology is poised to play an important role in maintaining and improving global agricultural output. The adoption of digital and precision farming practices has been shown to improve crop resiliency, and boost productivity and incomes,...