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As Egypt enters 2018, a newly liberalised local currency and the recent implementation of a much-anticipated investment framework have left the country well positioned for continued economic expansion: the IMF expects GDP growth to reach 4.5% in 2018 and accelerate to around 6% over the medium term.

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Egypt’s economy maintained a strong rate of growth throughout 2018 on the back of increased gas production, with ongoing fiscal reforms helping to reduce the budget deficit and provide a strong platform for future expansion.

Fluctuations in market conditions and an increase in geopolitical tension over trade have seen Egypt delay the sell-off of shares as part of its public offering programme (POP).

What impact has the currency flotation had on the banking sector, and what can we expect for 2018? 

How has the currency flotation affected Egypt’s economy?


While Egypt has long looked internationally to build alliances and win favour, the country’s immediate neighbourhood is becoming an increasingly important source of support. As the oil-rich states of the Gulf become more politically assertive, Egypt is navigating this new regional reality. At the same time, however, the MENA region is still...


How has Egypt’s diplomatic role in the Middle East evolved over the past three years?