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How will collaboration between international and local institutions help develop the sector?


How can the link between universities and businesses be strengthened in Argentina?


Argentina boasts one of the best education systems in Latin America, in terms of both attainment and funding of institutions. More than 98% of citizens over the age of 15 are literate, and public and private universities frequently perform well – along with Chilean and Brazilian institutions – in global rankings systems.


Where does the biotechnology segment stand in relation to international standards? ÁLVAREZ SAAVEDRA: The country’s biotechnology industry is a regional leader with Argentina holding the unique position in Latin America of having two Nobel Prizes in biology. This is essentially a direct consequence of the large amount of investment...


What foreign investment opportunities are there in the agricultural industry?


In 2017 Argentina’s software industry enjoyed a record year with exports totalling $1.7bn, breaking the previous record established in 2012 of $1.5bn and 28.3% higher than in 2016. Another positive saw the number of industry professionals to rise 3.2% to 107,100, according to the Chamber of the Argentine Software Industry (Cámara de la...